Joe Steadman
Founder Joseph Steadman

How We Got Started

During a distinguished career in the Air Force, founder Joseph Steadman dreamed of operating and maintaining a small computer business to serve other veterans in his spare time. His passion grew into the rapidly expanding website design business and quickly began helping others in the community.
We now serve customers through the United States and enjoy business development at every level. We are located in Bailey, Colorado, area but are able to provide virtual assistance from any location around the world.

Our Ideal Customer
We specialize in the following services to create an all-inclusive experience:

  • Business website design
  • Chamber of Commerce fundraising software
  • eCommerce and online payment systems
  • Hosting services, domain names, SSL certificates, virtual servers, and dedicated servers
  • WordPress development
  • iDrive secure online backup services
  • White label development for expanding website companies

Our website designs are extensive and available upon request.