Edmond Chamber of Commerce

Edmond Chamber of Commerce Total Resource Campaign

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Total Resource Campaign (TRC) Features

Creates and stores campaign data for the life of your program. Each year is separated using a different campaign and reports seperate commission payments. 
Campaign Incentives
Each campaign has it’s own dynamic list of incentives which the program uses to calculate commissions.
Campaign Goals
Setting goals and getting your volunteers excited is easy to accomplish with our TRC program. Each event is given a goal and reported real time so your volunteers can see the progress as you are running your campaign. 
Sales and Sponsorships
Managing all your events, sponsorships and sales is quick and easy using our event management tools.
1st Right of Refusal

The annual offering to companies who have purchased past events get first right of refusal. Our lookup tools can save you days in accomplishing this very difficult task and reduces it down to proof reading an email and hitting send.
Volunteer Commissions
Calculating commissions based on sales for each persons sponsorships can be overwhelming at best using traditional spreadsheets. Our system tracks this information real time and keeps track of all your sales.
Our volunteer feature allows you to apply certain volunteers to select campaign from year to year. This volunteer tool can be used to track contact details and features a photo upload system that encourages production by spotlighting highest producers on the main site.