Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

A picture has always been a better way to describe and demonstrate what you want to explain to your audience. With high speed internet access, users love those sites where they can interact more with the sites and also see some movement, animation and pictures.

Photo gallery is one of the most popular tool in our collection. blending this technology with your website, we can enhance your products and services to achieve amazing results. A photo gallery is a best way to:

  • Profile your work
  • Categorize photos
  • Spice up the look of the website/webpage
  • Give more control in to user’s hands
  • Take control on copyrighted material
  • Show different photos for different users like albums
  • Add a large number of photos
  • Add caption and descriptions to each photo
  • Navigate back and forth easily in hundreds of photos
  • Multi-lingual captions and descriptions


Photo Gallery Features:

Photo Album gives you an online photo album site for sharing photos, as well as easy-to-use editing tools to make sure your photos look their very best.


Best of all, Photo Album provides login-free photo sharing at your personal domain name*, so your friends and family don’t have to hassle with signing up or logging in just to view your pictures. It’s the perfect solution for viewing, sharing and storing all your favorite images!

  • Login-free photo sharing
  • Simple, effective photo editing features, including the ability to return images to their original state
  • Password protection for galleries
  • Custom photo slideshows
  • RSS feeds
  • Permalinks to galleries and photos
  • More than 100 themes
  • Display your photos on other websites! Create a custom photo badge with your choice of layout, color and more and use the HTML code we provide you to show your photos on other websites
  • Mobile-friendly galleries
  • Secure Links to photos/images available
  • Photo montage creator. Turn your favorite photos into an entertaining multimedia slideshow , choose fun transitions and even add music!



With Photo Album, you can:

  • Store and manage photos and images in one place
  • Improve your photos with easy-to-use photo editing features. And, if you aren’t happy with the edits you’ve made, you can restore your image to its original state
  • Share your photos with anyone – without requiring them to provide an email address or log in.
  • Keep sensitive photos or images private with password-protected galleries
  • Entertain your visitors with custom photo slideshows
  • Keep visitors up-to-date with an RSS feed that tells them when you’ve added new photos

For more information about how to add a photo gallery to your site, please call us at 405-767-3386 to speak to a customer care agent.